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Oui Paris

A collection of contemporary perfumes

The Eaux de Parfum for women and for men from O.U.i form unique trails.
Fresh, gourmand, inspiring, mysterious, energizing and sometimes with a touch of irreverence, they inspire feelings that awaken the soul.

Photo parfum Scapin de face

Oui Edp Scapin 245 75ml

A crazy evening at Molière’s theater to say “I love you”.
Photo couchée parfum L'Amouresse 142

Oui Edp Lamouresse 142 75ml

A romantic reunion in the literary district of Saint Germain des Prés.
Photo couchée parfum La Villette 470

Oui Edp Madeleine 862 75ml

A gourmet afternoon robbing the pastries of the Opera and the Madeleine.
Photo mise en scène parfum La Villette 470

Oui Edp La Villette 470 75ml

The emotion of an evening concert at the Philharmonie of Paris.
Photo mise en scène profil parfum Hôtel de ville 193

Oui Edp Hotel De Ville 193 75ml

A romantic rendezvous in one of the most historic and festive places in the City of Light.
Photo mise en scène profil Iconique 001

Oui Edp Iconique 001 75ml

A sunny lunch on the first floor of the “Lady of Iron”.

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