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Our Story

O.U.i is first and foremost the story of an encounter. A unique combination of French savoir-faire (know how) and Brazilian felicidade (a burst of joy).

A love story
between Brazil and France

How did this unique alchemy come about? Completely naturally.
It was a few notes of a Brazilian bossa that stirred our desire to create
It was in Grasse, the home of haute parfumerie, that we said yes.
And it was in Paris, at the studio of our olfactory director Pierre Aulas, that it all began.

The result is a line of 7 fragrances, perfectly marrying the excellence of French savoir faire in haute parfumerie, and a singular attention to beauty passed from generation to generation within Grupo Boticário, a Brazilian family business and undisputed leader of beauty and personal care in their home country.

Today, Grupo Boticário have a network of over 4000 stores in Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. It was in France, the very embodiment of elegance, renowned for perfumery and respecting the nobility of raw materials, that Grupo Boticário wanted to create this new brand. It made perfect sense.

At O.U.i we believe that perfume is about all of the senses. The olfactory sense creates our first impressions, and with fragrance we can express ourselves: our rituals, our desires, our dreams. Fragrance makes us make sense of the world and each other.

So O.U.i – c’est nous, c’est vous.

The creator

Photo Pierre Olas Direction olfactive

Pierre Aulas

Olfactive Direction

Pierre has many strings to his bow. In addition to his profession in the perfume industry, in his spare time he is an opera singer, ceramicist, and even a beekeeper. For him, everything is a source of inspiration.

Founder of Art of Nose, he is an olfactory consultant for multitudes of high-end perfumery brands and is responsible for the launch of countless iconic fragrances in the world of perfumery.

Oui Paris

The O.U.i atelier,
in Montmartre

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